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Animation movies full movies English _The Lion King 2 _ Kid movies

On the High lands of Africa reigns almighty lion, King Mufasa, that all the hosts of the jungle respect and admire for his wisdom and generosity. His young son Simba knows that one day he will succeed him in accordance with the universal laws of the cycle of life, but it is far guessing the trials and sacrifices that will impose the exercise of power. Playful, naïve and turbulent, the cub spends most of his time playing with his little friend Nala and teasing Zazu, his preceptor worthy. His future kingdom appears to him in a dream like an enchanted place where life is good, have fun and give orders. However, Simba's universe is not so sure he believes. Scar, Mufasa's brother, in fact, has always aspired to the throne. Morbidly jealous of his elder, he intrigues to eliminate at the same time as his successor. Building on the childlike curiosity and adventurous temperament Simba, he reveals to it the existence of a mysterious and dangerous elephant graveyard. Simba, ignoring the repeated warnings of his father immediately went there secretly with Nala and is attacked by 3 wild hyenas. Luckily, Mufasa arrives in time to save the imprudent young lion and his little companion. But Scar does not give up his sinister projects